Client: Sigwatch Europe

Project description: SIGWATCH is a website with a plenty of application solution that provides monitoring and analysis of activist campaigns in the field of environmental protection, human and animal rights.

Information is updated daily with the help of a wide range of researchers and analysts around the world and collected in editorial centers in London, UK and Freiburg in Germany. From there they are electronically distributed to the subscribers, which get a detailed overview of the status of their corporations (through analysis), according to the thinking of activist groups. Through these analysis they better understand the global challenges that enable them run their business more successfully, taking into account the environment, people and animals.

Our services include: production of a web portal with TYPO3 technology as well as development and programming of additional modules according to the client requests.

Client: Sigwatch Europe, Germany

Year of production: 2009, 2010

Partial renovation: 2011

Design renovation and new functionalities/features: 2012

This is live ongoing project.

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