In order to effectively exploit all opportunities of modern information technology, great knowledge and integration of business and technological worlds is required:

  • IT development strategy in the organization
  • Business processes and IT
  • The safety, efficiency and IT management (ITIL, COBIT, ISO).

Many organizations seriously considering the benefits, savings and opportunities posed by Linux and Open Source. Of course, you are probably concerned about the real costs of ownership, ROI, impact on your business, knowledge you need, education, support, ... Agenda d.o.o. is the largest provider of Linux and Open Source technologies in Slovenia. We are your partner in managing planning, implementation, execution and maintenance of Linux solutions. As your advisory partner we actually enable the achievement of results through:

  • Development and creation of IT strategies based on Open Source,
  • Consulting and selection of appropriate components and Open Source solutions,
  • Participation and involvement in the development of Open Source projects,
  • Project management during the implementation ofOSS.

Strategic business decision to use Open Source software can be safe and effective. By using the right solutions you can significantly increase your IT efficiency and user friendliness to end users.

Choose the right partner for the right step!

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