The implementation and deployment of IT solutions in production environments is a delicate process on which mostly the success of OSS depends. Methodologies we have developed based on years of experience enable us to quickly and reliably integrate into heterogeneous corporate environments with minimal risk.

Avoid the common mistakes and use best practices for quick and effective use of OSS, since experiences and knowledge are conditions for effective IT solutions.

Theimplementation of new IT solutions is a comprehensive process that completes the organizational, information and business knowledge. Implementation and application performance success depend on a holistic approach.

When introducing OSS we pay particular attention to:

  • Understanding of clients business needs and processes
  • Established methods of project work, adjusted to the Open Source technologies
  • Coexistence effectiveness between proprietary and OSS
  • User orientation and use efficiency
  • Risk management and control of cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the right partner ensure the success of Open Source projects.

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