Cloud-in-box is a quick, simple and cost effective way to your private cloud. Open cloud turnkey solution that include all needed hardware and software as well as installation services. Your new cloud will be included in your existing production datacenter environment including maintenance services.

For implementation and management no system infrastructure knowledge and experience needed, we take care of all of it, for predictable cost. Inside agreed time frame you can migrate your production and development systems on the new platform, support new DevOps processes and enable implementation of the new solutions and technologies.

Cloud based software including configuration and add ons as you wish and need:

  • OpenStack including all installed components
  • Orchestration module with optional management of your existing virtualization (VMWare, KVM)
  • Virtual servers with different OS (options Windows2012, RHEL, SLES, CentOS, Fedora)
  • PaaS platform OpenShift (optional)

Installation and integration inside your environment is our concern performed with your functional needs and wishes.

Hardware from the world best producers (HP or Lenovo) in suggested configuration. According to your demands we prepare sample configuration with different parameters:

  • Procesor pairs - servers - from 2 too 20 - (6,8, or more cores)
  • Working memory (total) - 128 GB, 256 GB to 10 TB
  • Local netwprk 10 Gbit or 10 Gbit
  • Disc capacity - from 10 TB to 1 PB (SSD, SAS 15k, LAS, SAN, NAS)

Complete management and monitoring after implementation in your environment is our job, with in advance agreed SLA conditions.

Advantages of the "Cloud in a box" solution:

  • quick, predictable and transparent way of the cloud platform implementation
  • predictable investment - total cost estimation for hardware and software before your final decision
  • all installation and management services included - your own human resourses and knowledge are no needed
  • short time for execution
  • the most popular and used cloud technologies and solutions
  • numerous options of usage (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, BigData, BI)
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