Optimal management of IT solutions significantly contribute to the low cost of ownership and high customer satisfaction. Open Source software allows reliable operation, remote monitoring and rapid intervention at the desired changes or configurations. For monitoring services we use Open Source Enterprise Monitoring solution Icinga, leading monitoring solution worldwide.

The Agenda Monitoring is based on the Icinga monitoring software and enables monitoring of the various computer systems and devices, alerting via email, SMS, monitoring and a graphical presentation of a many of numerical operating parameters of the controlled services.

In collaboration with the client we ensure safe and efficient operation of systems. With advanced monitoring systems and regular and systemic reviews we predict and eliminate most of the errors before they affect customer operations. A system of maintenance ensures the errors elimination within the agreed response time.

We offer maintenance and management services with working time 24x7. Extent of the services, working times and response times are adjusted to the client needs. Our management and maintenance services are carried out in accordance with the standards and recommendations (ITIL, ISO 9001).

You can choose to install Icinga in your environment, to rent it in Agenda cloud (Elasticbox.eu) or we can perform proactive monitoring services for you. Agendas team of top professionals offer a complete range of services:

  • control of servers and key services via the monitoring system (load capacities, warnings, availability of services,
  • performance monitoring and capacity management,
  • automatic notification and alarming (strange anomalies, critical errors and outages),
  • rich set of reports (data analysis, preparation of graphical reports of the controlled infrastructure, including increase of the security level proposals),
  • maintenance and support.

Leave the key elements of your IT support to the specialists.
Do not worry about your own staff expertise, trainings, sickness, holidays. All of this is ensured at well known and competitive price.

Each agreement also contains a SLA - Service Level Agreement that ensures the smooth operation of your business.

Solution description in pdf

Available are Icinga or Icinga 2, which represents the next generation of solutions for the control and contains a number of advanced functionalities and enhanced web interface for simple administration. It is an extremely fast solution that allows millions of operation services queries, and in comparison with other proprietary solutions raises far ahead. Web interface - Icing Web 2 is an advanced and reliable interface that allows complete administration automation. Due to its openness Icinga is suitable for any adjustments in terms of developing your own service management.

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