Introducing Open Source software in business environment is not a simple process. The software is freely available, but there are other risks and difficulties that hinder the use or require companies to be carefull. The lack of specific knowledge, risks, unclear models of support and assistance and the "absence" of the manufacturer, are the most common concerns of potential users.

In order to simplify the evaluation, deployment and use, reduce risk and create a predictable path to an effective solution, we have developed a comprehensive set of services for Open Source software, which includes all necessary steps as we are used to with commercial solutions.

Services ecosystem for Open Source software (OSS)

It contains offer of all necessary services needed for safe and effective use of Open Source software. The client choose the one they need out of the "Menu":

  • Open Source business solution - may be any OSS that is usually available free of charge (operating system Linux, CRM, ERP application, or Web server)
  • Business consultancy - analysis of the suitability of OSS solutions for an individual company includes SWOT, GAP analysis, analysis of compliance with standards, analysis and reengineering of business processes,
  • Technical / technological consultancy - what technology or what solution to choose to meet our needs and to successfully integrate into our existing IS ...
  • Implementation of the methodology and project management - for deployment of business solutions we develop and adapt the implementation methodology and project management procedure, which are based on established approaches, with adjustments that considering the specificities of Open Source
  • Implementation and integration - your implementation is carried out professionally, aimly and predictable (cost and time)
  • Training of key users - systems administrators and planners, administrators and solution developers,
  • End-user training - standardized, validated training program
  • Design and infrastructure integration - which platforms to use, how they should be dimensioned, how to ensure the reliability and availability, which standards to use for integration,
  • Infrastructure construction and hardware definition - all necessary infrastructure and hardware, on which the OSS runs, communications, security ...
  • Maintenance and management - dedicate yourself only to the use of IT solutions, solutions management (either installed on your location or hosted in our data center) leave to us, in accordance with the SLA agreements.
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