Quality trainings for use of IT solutions and technologies is crucial for customer satisfaction and effective use of information technologies. Only a knowledgeable user is also satisfied and effectively exploits the informations and tools.

The importance of education is even greater for Open Source software, because products are not developed by companies, which should take care for similar, but many times expensive training programms. Therefore, specilized training and local software providers of OSS are offering such trainings.

Our training and workshop programmes include our rich experience and numeruous OSS references, educational content of our partners and on practical examples.

Most of the trainings are highly practically based, so the participants gain a strong practical knowledge beside theoretical, which prepare them to efficiently and independently carry out their daily tasks.

When designing any educational track we follow the quality of education, therefore they are based on:

  • Verified and leading IT solutions for different areas
  • Complete literature, which provides a comprehensive overview of the content (in English or Slovenian)
  • Combination of theoretical and practical examples of use
  • Work with each individual participant, which provides detail content follow up
  • Customizable contents, which we adapt to specific requirements of major customers.

In the past few years we have developed training systems for many Open Source solutions, which is  rare source of such high-quality content in Slovenia.

Red Hat workshops

Purposed for the users of the solutions based on Red Hat technologies for administration and management of the systems.

SuSE Training Center

As SuSE partner we offer trainings for administration and management of systems, networks, services based on SuSE technologies.

TYPO3 CMS workshops

Trainings adjusted to the special needs and wishes of the end users - ask for a quote.

Customized workshops

For all solutions and technologies that we implement at our clients we offer customized workshops for specific technologies and prepare instructions for end users. Customized trainings are adjusted to the end users special needs and wishes. Some among numerious teshnologies for which we offer customized trainings are Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Alfresco, Icinga, OTRS, Zimbra and other.


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