Solutions for documents and records management (ECM - Enterprise Content Management).

Under the concept of Content Management we usually understand set of technologies, business practices and software solutions for the capture, management, storage and distribution of content and documents in the business processes.

Electronic management of documents and records have many advantages over the conventional archiving system, because among other things, it allows more efficient control over the use of documents (any insight, change or display of the document is recorded, which provides audit trails throughout the whole storage period). Employees are able to access the documents via the web interface, so the costs of transmission, reproduction and distribution of documents are eliminated. Electronic archiving of documents provides the company a huge savings in time and money, since employees can focus on more important tasks due to the more efficient access to documents and a simple and rapid search of the information, and by using ECM the efficiency of the whole company can be improved.

The fact is that without an effective DMS (Document Management System - DMS), which provides a faster flow of documents, efficient access to documents and information at the time when needed, and their systematic archiving, it is difficult to control a multitude of documents in the company.

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