Open standards, modular architecture, reliability and performance.
The full power of e-mail as a condition for effective communication, build of the communication culture and competitive advantages.

  • Highly-performance, scalable and modular SMTP server (also allows TLS and  for authentication)
  • IMAP (secure IMAP), POP3 (Secure POP3), web (https) access
  • Advanced e-mail lists with web management
  • Unlimited number of users and domains (no license limitations))
  • Simple web server management with online graphical interfaces
  • Central Authentication (LDAP).

Security mail system (antivirus, antispam)

Linux mail servers are our response to the dangers and risks of using electronic mail. With advanced system and security methods we resolve the challenges of secure electronic communications as best as possible. Stop threatening and unwanted electronic communication already on the server before they reach your users!

We protect your mail system against:

  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, blended THREATS and other malicious code, which is hidden in e-mail and put in risk your assets and reputation
  • Junk mail - spam, which reduces productivity, insulting your intelligence, slowing you down at work and utilizes network and disk resources, and increases the risk that you might overlook an important message inside this electronic dirt
  • Security exploits in electronic communications, which can damage your mail server or client
  • Inappropriate, unwanted and unproductive material in electronic communications and misuse of company resources.

Antivirus and antispam system already includes an unlimited number of licenses, but can also be expanded with system's proprietary antivirus and antispam software.

Increase security of your existing mail servers

IN a case you already have mail server (Oracle Collaboration Suite, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, ...) and would like to increase security on your mail server, to protect it against external influences, increase its security (antivirus, antispam, protection) or you just want to optimize it, we suggest our own solution called Linux Mail Relay: securly optimized server that forward email to your main mail server.

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