Open Source Software present a complete freshness in the information industry. This is especially true for users who are no longer bounded to the monopolistic producers and ongoing upgrades and license fees, which are becoming more and more expensive with no special benefits.

Companies can finaly define their own strategies for use of information technologies and plan investment in line with their actual needs.

Open Source software is generally free of charge and freely available, payable solutions are designed for demanding users, to upgrade their basic software with quality documentation, excellent technical support or automatic upgrades and security patches.

In our offer we present some of the leading, highest quality solutions, which we upgrade with translation, localization and excellent local support.

Red Hat

The first and most famous Open Source Linux solution provider. Red Hat Company has been operating since 1993, since it presents the most recognizable Linux brand and the biggest Open Source solution provider in the world.


Legendary provider of Novell network system, enhanced with SuSE Linux products. Novell / SuSE is the leading provider of information solutions that enable secure identity management, web application development and network services for various platforms.

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