When the performance, reliability and global support a truly significant, select SUSE Linux Enterprise: a computer platform for open companies that offers desktop and server solutions. It offers to the companies necessary security, virtualization, software management and support for wide range of hardware. Uncontested business advantages are greater responsiveness and flexibility (in a time of increasing competition), lower IT costs and high system security.

SUSE Linux Enterprise offers desktop (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) as well as server (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) solutions that ensure:

  • Advanced virtualization technology that allows more efficient use of hardware,
  • A high level of security,
  • Centralized software management,
  • Global support,
  • Many benefits for subscribers,
  • Broad hardware support,
  • High level of support  for software developers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise delivers necessary security for the enterprise, virtualization and management software through a comprehensive set of hardware. It is also supported by awarded Novell technical support and global ecosystem of partnerships and services. The result is improved response time for challenges in a time of increasing competition, lower IT costs and greater system security.

SUSE Linux Enterprise introduces a new source for software and subscription management: Micro Focus Customer Center. The Center provides you with a centralized online portal, which will be updating the software and patches for access to Micro Focus technical support. Best of all, is that technical support is fully integrated with ZENworks Suite Managament.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is supported by superior Micro Focus technical support, so you can count on several years guarantee. During this time you will have access to all available security fixes and software errors via Micro Focus Customer Center.

When you choose SUSE Linux Enterprise you subscribe to the best Linux platform. At the time of subscription you can count on Micro Focus Customer Care Center, a center with the latest, functional and best support. You will also have access to a numerious of support services.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is supports by all leading hardware manufacturers. Novel produced SUSE Linux Enterprise platform with AvtoBuild, a unique Novell development and testing methodology. AutoBuild ensures that all Linux source code are corresponding highest technical standards of reliability and integrity. It also ensures that you receive important software update in hours, not days or weeks.

SUSE Linux Enterprise includes a complete software development equipment to facilitate rapid adaptation and rapid development of a wide range of programs. It also provides the latest stable versions of key tools, services and environments, including Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Geronimo and Apache Tomcat.

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