Web has already become one of the most important sales channels. In today's world we can hardly imagine a provider of products and services that have not the offer of its products and services on the Internet.

In addition to web sites. which are user's first contact with the company and its offer, online shopping is almost a necessity for tracking trends and certainly to promote and increase sales.

Regardless the goal you want to achieve, which can be increase in sales, expanding markets or simply bigger efficiency and profit, online shopping is the first step towards achieving these goals. Due to constant growth of Internet the quality of web sites and shops is becoming crucial. That can be the difference between success and failure within the growing Internet economy.

Online shop solutions enable easy and comprehensive editing of the online shop also to the users without prior computer knowledge. Being a web application, you can manage your online shop at anytime and from anywhere, all you need is Internet access. By choosing an Open Source web solution you will be more independent, creative and definitely cost effective.

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