Solutions for web content management on internet and intranet portals and applications (WCMS - Web Content Management Systems). Web technologies are becoming a central infrastructure for electronic commerce in the companies. The relationship of information systems and back-office web-based solutions into a comprehensive solution is the basis for successful introduction of electronic commerce and effective information technology support of the enterprise business processes.

One of the main advantages of CMS is also fact that they enable simple and comprehensive site management, even to the non-technical users. Changing content on the web site does not depend on knowledge of programming languages and Internet technologies. Editing of the web content by using the CMS system is really very simple and is also very similar to the use of the one of the office editors, such as Writer or Word.In addition to ease of use, the advantage of using a CMS is that the end user is able to edit web content from anywhere and at any time through the web browser.

Why choose Open Source CMS system?

  • Because you want to reduce the cost associated with a website maintenance;
  • Because you are tired of the web designers and developers exuses that they currently do not have time to edit your web pages;
  • Because you would like to update your website content by your own;
  • Because you would like to upgrade your site with new functionalities (application to e-news, poll, forum, inquiry form, ...).

If any of the above mentioned answer is also your answer, please see the solutions we offer.


TYPO3 is a modern and very capable solutions for content management, suitable for use on public web pages as well as for intranets and build of different applications.


It enables build of powerful online applications and it is one of the most popular CMS solutions.


Drupal is an excellent Open Source programming tool for management and organization of different web content. Equiped with a mix of different features and adjustments, Drupal is suitable for for different web projects, from personal diaries, blogs till very demanding and big web pages and portals.


WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

Web cookies EU directives

As of 15th, June 2014 the new legal directive is valid (Directive on privacy and electronic communications (EU Directive 2009/136/EC), which also defines privacy protection of the web sites visitors.





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