Agenda d.o.o. - Your Open Source Partner

With our help the companies are enabled to use computer science as their main instrument for increase of their efficiency and strengthen of their competitive position. By doing so we focus and direct ourselves on the company business needs and simple end users work.

We enable to the end users:

  • increase of their competitive position and effectiveness with the help of information support,
  • solutions without license costs,
  • great freedom on upgrades and selection of individual solutions,
  • complete solution, from software to the maintenance and consulting services.

To become a key center of the Open and Free information Society

We enter the informational society of future with thinking about the users and with wish to create the freedom, comfort and right to form creative, airy and bright working and living space. As efficient team of experts in various fields led by technological future that value freedom, creativity, innovation and honesty. We believe in the Information Society, which represents opportunity for all of us.

With complete knowledge management, technology command and socially responsible operation, we wish and we are able to be key partner in applying modern open technologies.

We follow the principles:

  • Socially responsible attitude towards technology, with emphasis on user freedom,
  • Collaborative relationship with users and focus on solving user innovation challenges,
  • Quality in the field of business information, focusing on open source and Linux solutions, professional technical consultancy, open source software and electronic commerce,
  • Remain the biggest Slovenian Open Source integrator and provide quality Open Source software on the Slovenian market in close cooperation with global and domestic developers.

We provide complete IT support to business processes and businesses. The main focus is dedicated to the business aspects of information technology with emphasis on standard and established technology solutions. In preparing the solutions we use carefully selected and most effective Open Source and proprietary technologies and solutions. Our services include:

  • Business and technical advice,
  • IT support for strategy development with a focus on Open Source technologies,
  • Planning, deployment and management of Open Source solutions in business environments,
  • Internet / intranet technologies,
  • The security of information systems,
  • Development of web applications, services and tools for content management,
  • Control, maintenance and management of IT solutions,
  • Training and certification.

Our greatest strength is overall management of high-tech skills and high-level professionals who manage a wide range of professional services. With this we enable and ensure a maximization of value added solutions. Competitive advantages are built on integrated management of knowledge and experience and the use of Open Source solutions that bring the modern innovative technologies with unbeatable cost of ownership into end-user environment.

Why should you choose Agenda d.o.o.?

Because we convert your problems into operating solutions! All in one place:

  • Consultancy,
  • Installations and configurations,
  • Migrations and Integrations,
  • Maintenance and management,
  • Performance and education are assured,
  • Assistance for all types of users.

Agenda d.o.o. Company is the largest Slovenian provider of Open Source software and the only one that combines the full range of services throughout the cycle of analysis, planning, implementation and use of the solutions.

For implementation projects we provide complete services, without unnecessary financial risk and with predictable functional, time and financial objectives:

  • Proven implementation methodologies with predictable time and financial frameworks,
  • Minimum time between a decision to the effective use of Open Source software in practice,
  • Use of best practices and extensive experience in the implementation and use,
  • Good knowledge of analysis and modeling of business processes using standard tools and formats,
  • Experience in integration of business - organizational needs and technological skills,
  • Complete training program for end users and administrators,
  • Quality localization and translation, and close cooperation with the development community.

What makes us different?

  • Experience with Open Source technologies since 1993,
  • Numerous referenced Linux Deployments in Slovenia,
  • Biggest Slovenian Open Source Projects,
  • Linux Engineer certifications for all commercial providers (Red Hat, SuSE),
  • Partnership status with both world's leading providers of Linux (Red Hat and SuSE),
  • Business Partnership (Red Hat, SuSE, TYPO3, Alfresco, SuiteCRM, , Zimbra, Bacula Systems, Icinga, VMware,...),
  • Wide integration knowledge,
  • A complete, concluded offer.

Commitment to quality is the company's primary focus and our most important value. The quality of the business is planned, performed and checked during all business processes, which must fully comply with the requirements defined by national and international regulations and standards.

High quality of services is complemented by soft skills such as frequent communication with both: the customer, as well as between employees within the company. We understand current and future needs of our clients (customers) and meet their requirements and expectations:

  • Opinion of the client is of crucial importance for quality evaluation;

  • With our services we meet the following requirements of our clients:

    • functionality and usefulness,
    • respecting the agreed deadlines,
    • the availability,
    • the competitive price,
    • the quality of the business as a whole.

  • We build mutually beneficial partnership with the suppliers based on mutual respect and trust, which increases the ability to create added value on both sides;
  • We assure adequate internal environment in which employees can realize a creative and motivated personal and business objectives;
  • We find opportunities for improvements which we implement on all fields. We regularly monitor and analyze the costs and react with the aim to streamline and increase the competitiveness;
  • The quality is the first responsibility of Company CEO, the part of responsibility for quality is beard by all employees in the company, regarding their competencies and responsibilities at work. All employees must follow and maintain set quality system on the level of international quality management standard ISO 9001:2015. The quality system is documented in the Rules of Quality, which is consistent with the practice in the company.

  • The overall quality objectives in the company:

    • to improve the important features of the quality of services,
    • to improve processes that do not meet the requirements of acceptable quality,
    • to increase the efficiency of the company with continual improvements, cost reduction and improvement of the business operation as a whole.


Red Hat Premier Partner Red Hat is the first and largest independent provider of Linux and Open Source technologies in the global marketplace. They set the standards of Linux use in business environments in many ways and also represent the reference environment.

Agenda is a first Red Hat partner in Slovenia with a partnership status from year 2004. We are specialized for Platform - Data Center Infrastructure, as well as for Cloud infrastructure and Middleware. Our employees posses most of the Red Hat certificates that still valid as a leading Linux certificates worldwide:

  • RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • RHCSA and OpenStack
  • RHCVA - Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

Red Hat Premier Business Partner Certificate.

SUSE Business Partner: SuSE is considered to be the largest possible information technology for the business environment. Their strategy is based on open source Linux.

Agenda d.o.o. has been a partner of SuSE technologies for many years and we have many experience in implementing SuSE technologies and solutions. We had the following partnership status:

  • Novell Silver Solution Provider
  • Novell SuSE Linux - Datacenter Specialization

Alfresco ECM: Alfresco ECM is the leading Open Source ECM solution for documents and records management.

We are Premier Systems Integrator partner for Slovenia. Alfresco was also accredited by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.


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