In the company Agenda d.o.o. we are committed to making our website accessible to all users in accordance with the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications.

Accessability statement 

This accessibility statement refers to the website

We want to give all visitors and users of our website equal access to the content. The website, which we are still adding to and developing, is created in accordance with the WCAG 2.1 web content accessibility guidelines, prepared by the W3C organization.

To ensure accessibility requirements, some system adaptations have been provided. These  are:
    • responsive design (adjusting content layout to the screens resolution),
    • display of content for users that require assistive technologies (for example: screen readers, braille line,…),
    • keyboard navigation (adaptation for users who cannot use a mouse),
    • appropriate color contrasts (between text and backgroud),
    • predictable website operation,
    • equiping images with alternate text is enabled,
    • use of different levels of titles is enabled.

Complience level

The website only partially complies with the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Aplications, due to the exceptions listed below.

Unavailable content

We constantly monitor the accessibility of the website and continuously improve individual accessibility elements. Nevertheless, some of the published content does not meet all the accessibility requirements as defined by the Act on the Accessability of Websites and Mobile Applications.

Examples of such content include:
    • scanned documents in PDF format,
    • various complex data tables.

Feedback and contact information

Universal design opens up new possibilities and opportunities for users with different disabilities like never before in history. Accessible information and communication tachnologies, which are an important factor in ensuring wqual opportunities for all, play an important role in this. They allow us to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital society and our creative potential.

If you want to let us know anything related to the adjustment of the website, or if you need information about content that is currently unavailable to you, you can contact us at .

Enforcement proceedings

In the event that you find any deviations from the provisions of the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications, you can submit a report to the information society inspectors by regular mail or to the email address: .

Preparation of the accessability statement

This statement was prepared on 6/28/2021, based on a self-assessment.

    • Last change of statement: 28th June 2021