Optimal management of information solutions significantly contributes to low cost of ownership and high user satisfaction, either core solutions (such as storage, servers, databases, virtualization and data backup), or complementary solutions, websites, cloud service support etc.. With proactive administration and maintenance, we can effectively reduce the risk of service outages, as we detect deficiencies in time and eliminate them.

Data center management and regular maintenance

At Agenda Open Systems, we manage and maintain a wide range of infrastructure and application solutions:

  • data center virtualizations, from licensed VMWare, subscription Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to free KVM, XEN or Proxmox
  • container platforms such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, ...
  • system cloud platform for OpenStack private clouds
  • server operating systems MS Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and various free operating systems such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, ...
  • data servers MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL
  • active network equipment from Cisco, HPE, Lenovo

We manage solutions that are installed in the data centers of clients, as well as solutions in our own data center or other public providers.

Monitoring and alerting

We combine engineering and architectural knowledge for the planning, implementation and management of complex cloud and application solutions. Agenda Open Systems is the largest provider of engineering and development services for the implementation of complex solutions that combine open source and licensed technologies.

We offer solutions planning, manufacturing, testing, installation and integration services into the existing IT environment, monitoring, alerting, basic user training and solution documentation.

Upgrades and updates

Quality management includes regular performance monitoring, analysis of performance data and recommendations for improvements, upgrades and expansion. Our reports and interpretations make decision-making and planning of major changes easyer to our clients.

Do you have a challenge for us?

Do you want to improve the reliability of your server environments and data center? Do you lack experience, time and want to focus on your core business?

Present us your needs, challenges and plans with IT infrastructure. After careful consideration, we will design a customized solution for you and present you with a way to improve and reduce the cost of management.


Harvey Norman
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