Modern workplaces are increasingly dependent on various information solutions and tools. A multitude of solutions are available to users and organizations for supporting various tasks and various processes and activities. They can choose from several competing solutions that offer similar or almost identical functionality. Organizations are often challenged how to decide between them. In doing so, they usually forget that the effectiveness of solutions largely depends on their use and how users are trained, educated to use them and what kind of user support they have available.

As part of our range of IT services, we organize various standard and customized trainings as well as practical workshops for a wide range of IT solutions. Our IT trainings, which we prepare for various target groups, include both the presentation of concepts and the presentation of specific use examples. This kind of training can ensure satisfied and productive users and significantly contributes to added value for the company.

Training for Red Hat, SUSE and Linux

We organize customized training and workshops for Red Hat solutions, based on proven content and offering quick acquisition of practical skills. Among our offering we should mention education for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation (RHEV), Ansible Tower, OpenShift and OpenStack. Training and workshops for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) or other free Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS.

Training for CMS - Typo3, Magento, WordPress

We carry out standard trainings and customized workshops for various open source CMS solutions, which are contenc-based and enable rapid acquisition of practical skills and process support. Among our offering, we should mention training for Typo3 Entrprise CMS, Magento e-commerce, WordPress and other open source solutions.

Trainings are available for system administrators as well as for end users – editors. The training of editors, which is carried out on specific client portals and with actual online content that the editors take care of, is particularly effective.

Training for various open source solutions

With the help of our experience with many online tools and experience with the implementation of practical IT training and workshops, we offer you customized content for various open source solutions, such as NextCloud, OwnCloud, Mattermost, BigBlueButton, …

Customized IT education

We also encounter requests and needs of clients that cannot be solved with existing solutions or their adaptation, which makes it sensible to develop a customized solution with the help of web technologies that are used in standard solutions. When putting this type of solution into use, we also provide appropriate training for users, which can be delivered in the form of a workshop, seminar or webinar.

Do you have a challenge for us?

Do you want to improve the digital proficiency of your colleagues, train them to use modern IT solutions independently? Or perhaps train engineering staff to manage and operate?

Tell us your wishes, needs and plans and we will present you with many ways of practical education and success stories. For every software solution, even free and extended, we offer you quality education tailored to your needs.